Get the Money Out!

     (Campaign Finance)

The 28th Amendment to the US Constitution

  1. Corporations are not people.
  2. They have none of the Constitutional rights of human beings.
  3. Corporations are not allowed to give money to any politician, directly or indirectly.
  4. No politician can raise over $100 from any person or entity.
  5. All elections must be publicly financed.


Listen to the great Senator Bernie Sanders
introduce a resolution to amend the US Constitution.


We Need a 28th Amendment
to the US Constitution

Money buys our politicians. Most of the campaign money comes from multinational corporations. In the end, our politicians do not serve us; they serve the people who pay them. It's time to change that. It's time to end the corporate takeover of our government.

The following organizations are at the forefront of the Amend movement. United Republic

This mural is located in Beloit, near 500 Pleasent St., on the side of the old Ironworks building facing the Rock River.
It is a great tribute to the laborers of the 20th century.

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